What’s Grand About LaGrande?

The most memorable RV adventures are usually the ones that are unplanned — and the best ones are memorable for all the right reasons. Last September, the backroads eastward from Condon, Oregon, undulated beneath our wheels, and local livestock, their grazing interrupted by the unusual site of our rig along these less-traveled roads, gave us long stares and an occasional “moo.”


Arriving in LaGrande, Oregon, on a Friday, we booked our stay through the weekend — avoiding folks in a hurry on the highways because they only have two days to cram all of their adventures into — and ended up staying twice as long as we’d planned. Why?

With ample street parking…


…and a variety of shops…


…LaGrande was a grand place to stroll and browse. Their farmer’s market was bustling, even in the light rain that kept me from taking photos. At least it was dry enough to get a shot of this neat old gas station on one of the main streets in town:


If you read the annual “Best Eats” post, you might remember seeing Mamacita’s listed for “Best Cheesecake.” We tried several items from their menu — all were great!


After a bit of online searching, I found a possibility in a wildlife area near town. We set the GPS and I clutched the print-outs with directions in my hands, and away we went. Alas, we were not to be satisfied with a long walk through the countryside:



Darn! The signs were pretty insistent — no missing them —


So we had to content ourselves with taking a few photos from the edge of the property:



I wonder if state officials knew how many travelers miss out on their local jewels because of their permit, pass and other restrictions that they’d offer an alternative. In some states, our “America the Beautiful” pass allows entry, for example. One thing I do know: full-time RVers are not going to invest in state-specific passes everywhere we go.

But I don’t want to get started on that!

Instead, we’ll just enjoy this smile that LaGrande delivered to us before we left town:


What a deal!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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