What the 7-7-34?

[You remember calculators, right? Punching in 7-7-3-4, then turning the display upside down to see that bad word? Well, if you haven’t had this elementary-grade-level thrill, find a calculator and give it a go ;-)]

A water leak forced us to abandon our trip to Hell’s Canyon National Recreation Area in 2012, so in September 2013, still coming south from way up north in Alaska, we decided to scootch in that direction. We settled into LaGrande, Oregon, but the weather wouldn’t cooperate — fall was descending on the area, bringing the rainy weather and cool temperatures we’d expected to see in Alaska but didn’t.

So instead of heading up Route 82 toward Joseph (which was our planned base camp for exploring Hell’s Canyon), we took a side trip around the south side of the Wallowa Mountains, where the views of the snow-capped peaks were a beautiful backdrop to the farm and ranchlands that spread at their base.


Sometimes, a photo just begs to be taken. Rocks? Really?!?!?


Just two tiny towns hunkered close to the road on this quiet stretch of road, including Richland….


…where the grocery had the most dramatic produce section we’ve ever seen:


Further up the road we passed the Oxbow Dam…


…which created the Oxbow Reservoir, a beautiful spot to get out and stretch our legs:


We hopped onto US 95 south, stopping now and then to read a bit of the local history…


…and marvel at the oddest, spaceship-like clouds we’ve ever seen:


Of course, we couldn’t be cloud-gazing the entire way — we were in ranch country, after all, where signs like these are the real deal….


…because no rancher takes his or her herd lightly:


Going around the curves in this road too fast could mean crashing into cattle!

Full-timer RVers see a lot of weather — much of it when we don’t want to see it! — and on this leg of our never-ending journey we passed through a rainstorm that never got us wet. The clouds around us were letting loose, but none of the rain reached the ground:



Maybe someday we’ll make it to Hell’s Canyon, but this trip delivered plenty of adventure anyway!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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