Jeep Willikers!

Long-time readers know we avoid cities at all costs, although the occasional small city is a welcome destination for all those things so hard to find in other places. So why Boise?

Jeeps. Yes, we’d been enjoying our Sahara. But once we put the bikes on the back we couldn’t open the rear door when we had water jugs or wanted to easily get to the things in the back. What’s the use of having an area to stow things if you can’t get to it? This two-door Jeep just wasn’t working out when it came to space.

And Boise, Idaho, had a lot of new Jeeps available, especially between two dealerships. We can buy a vehicle anywhere, so why not venture up there and take a look?

We found a place to stay for a few days and ventured out to the a dealership that touted their reputation as having the best prices anywhere. As we walked the lot, the salesmen showed off a line of vehicles waiting for pick-up or shipment to other states.

We took a test drive. The Jeep wasn’t exactly what we wanted but it was close, and the price seemed as good as they’d said. The slick-talking salesman (probably having sized us up as savvy consumers) quickly dumped us on his trainee, who was a pleasant young man, new to the area but who had some great restaurant suggestions anyway. While the three of us tooled around the edges of Boise, I told him to always be himself — not to follow his trainer’s example. “A lot of people don’t like to be sold to,” we told him.

The four-door Rubicon seemed to fit the bill, and we were ready to talk price. If you’ve bought a vehicle, you know the drill. “Come have a seat while we work out the numbers,” they say.

We wondered briefly What numbers needed working out — we would be paying taxes in our own state, so none of that had to be calculated… We were paying cash, so we didn’t have any financing to finagle. They’d already told us how much they were going to give us on the four-month-old Sahara.

But we were polite and wandered around while they disappeared into a back office to discuss things. When they came back, they had some song and dance about having to add $8000 to the cost…

So… let’s see… the sticker price went up so they could mark it down?!?? When they finished their pen scratching on a plain piece of paper, their bottom line was actually higher than the price we’d started with, rather than lower.

No thanks, we said, and walked away.

The next day we rallied ourselves for another bout with salespeople, and went to the other dealership in town.

What a difference! The salesman, Gary, was very friendly and patient, and found us a Jeep Rubicon that seemed to fit the bill. We gave it a drive and told him if we could get the changing of the hitch for the tow package arranged, we’d have a deal.

To make a long story short, the details sorted themselves out. We bought the Jeep that day, got the hitch receiver removed from the Sahara we were trading in, and were on the road in almost a wink of an eye.


About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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