In Case You’re Wondering…

As you read this, we’ve been half-way across the Lower 48 and back since the adventures recorded in the previous post. Yep, welcome to a blog that’s not in real time. We’re so busy traveling — often to places without easy access to wi-fi — that sometimes writing (and posting) takes time. And sometimes our travels are more mundane than you might imagine.

I’ve written before about how full-time RVing is not a vacation: you still have to take care of business. Taxes still have to be filed, bills paid, groceries and supplies bought…. All the stuff you normally have to do in life don’t stop just because you’re on the road. And sometimes doing those normal things is more complicated because you’re on the road.

Like renewing drivers’ licenses. Our licenses are from South Dakota, our domicile state. Every five years they come up for renewal, which must be done in person. This was our magical fifth year, so getting to South Dakota in May had us on more of a schedule than we’re used to.

We love Sioux Falls. Of course, we’re not here in the winter, which might make a difference. Full-time residents seem to relish the deep snow and cold, although many admitted to us this past winter’s brutality tested even their devotion to the home town and state. We arrived to lower-than-normal temps and gusty winds in mid-May, but found some time to ride our bikes around the trail we love so much.

And we were rewarded! We caught sight of this pair of Blue-Winged Teals…


…and this Wood Duck couple:


Of course there were gaggles of Canada Geese…


…but what in the world was that hairy creature scrambling over the rocks across the Big Sioux River?!?


It looked a bit cuddly in this pose…


…but as soon as it ran away on its long legs, it took on a creepy, huge-rat look:


It was much more fun to watch the Killdeer…


…and the Cliff Swallows as the dodged and darted, landing briefly for a snack along the river:


But what was that noise in the river?


Spawning fish!


Makes getting a driver’s license renewed much more fun when you can enjoy the great weather and wildlife!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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