Clearly Clear Lake

We’d hoped to be in Forest City, Iowa, for two, maybe three days, but our rig needed a bit of extra work (how do they manage to miss things when a vehicle is under warranty, only to find them when the work costs us real money?!?) so we ended up in the parking lot for a full week.

The good news? We got our tank-draining, fresh-water fill-up routine down to a science after a daily visit to the dump station.

The other good news? We had a chance to explore the area. Not only did Mason City give us a few surprises, but our instincts led us down a side road to Clear Lake.

Clearly, Clear Lake is a local secret, despite being on the map and accessible just off I-35, and the locals are wise to keep it that way.


Among the fields of Iowa, any water in rivers and streams is welcome. A lake? Well, that’s a true gift of nature. And this little gem is not only big enough for boating (although we wondered if all the boats we saw in marinas and driveways were to launch the same day if there’s be much room to actually move out there on the water), it has a dandy beach.

The businesses downtown offered an array of shopping and dining, although we were surprised the Back Yard Deli — a plain but popular local haunt — only had powdered creamer for our coffee (something we’d come across a few times here in the plains states, which struck us as odd).


We visited a few times — a great getaway from Winnebago-land 🙂

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Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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