Malled in America

After leaving Ohio in early July, we were looking forward to wearing ourselves out walking and shopping at the Mall of America in Minnesota. Several hundred miles and a boondock night later, we were on schedule to hit the mall one Wednesday morning.

What we didn’t plan for was construction. The largest mall in the country was undergoing an expansion — yep, as if it needs it — and that meant the largest construction mess at any mall in America. Even the best GPS won’t tell you how to navigate around road closures and temporary detours when massive construction projects shift roads, close lanes, and wreak havoc with parking lots.

While Bob kept his eyes on the road and traffic, I kept my eyes peeled for anything — ANYTHING – that said “RV Parking” or “Oversize Parking.” Not to be. Nothing. Nada. All we could see were parking garages woefully shorter than the top of our rig — a 7′ clearance just wouldn’t cut it. We drove the perimeter of the Mall — at least we think so, it was so hard to tell with all the orange cones and speedy locals we had to dodge.

By the time we spotted a large gravel lot where we could park we were a good distance from the Mall, frustrated, and in no mood to spend money in this crazy place. So we redirected the GPS to get us the heck out of there and onto the first interstate we could find.

We stopped at a Cabela’s, noshed on an elk sandwich, and found our sense of humor again when we spotted their Bug Room: a room in the store devoted to merchandise for dealing with mosquitoes!

Lots of lakes in Minnesota means lots of biting bugs. At least, while you’re getting eaten alive by those mosquitoes, the view is beautiful!


About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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1 Response to Malled in America

  1. Looks like you guys got “malled!”
    Happy Trails,

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