If Only….

This past July, as we drove west from International Falls along the top edge of the US, we crossed flooded streams…


…waterlogged lowlands…


…and barriers so high they weren’t even made up of sandbags:


The rain came and went, and eventually we saw less of the flooding that had plagued northern Minnesota. But I couldn’t help thinking: If only we could truck all that water to the southwest, where they need it so badly. Maybe we should think about a waterline through the US, instead of an oil pipeline…. 🙂



About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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2 Responses to If Only….

  1. Now there’s a good idea! Build a system of pump stations/storage systems, and pipelines to gather the excess water and direct it to the areas of the country where needed the most. Great idea. Of course, it seems too practical to harness excess rainwater and then deliver it to drought areas. Much too reasonable for our bought & paid for politicos. Oh, well, very nice thought!

    Happy Trails,


    • Ellen says:

      And… safer, eh? If there’s a spill… well, not the same disaster as an oil spill into the groundwater, the aquifer, or across wheat and cornfields. You’re so right. Makes far too much sense for our government to even consider. Take care, Michael!

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