Fourth Annual BESTS!


We’re happy to announce our FOURTH annual list of places we most enjoyed during our travels. You’ll see some favorites re-appear and new restaurants pop up. Sometimes you’ll see an entirely new category.

Bob is such an excellent cook (how he does it in our tiny kitchen “galley” is his secret) that we don’t eat in restaurants very often, so when we find a restaurant meal we especially enjoy, we like spreading the word.

You might be interested to know that we particularly appreciate local and organic ingredients, and when in states that allow smoking, we favor restaurants that are non-smoking. This could be why we have so few (if any) casinos on our list — we haven’t yet found a casino where we didn’t have to walk through the smokey gaming areas to get to the restaurant. In other cases, the restaurants have reeked of smoke — residual effects of all those smokers or poor ventilation leaking second-hand smoke into the restaurant.

For brevity, this year’s list includes just new categories and categories where the #1 or #2 spot changed. For full lists, see previous years’ posts.

Have your own list of bests? Disagree with any of our choices? Chime in! We’d love to hear your recommendations!

New for 2014

Best Salmon South of Alaska & Canada:
1. Glazed Salmon in Sweet Chili Sauce at Hudson Point Cafe, Port Townsend, WA


Best Steak:
1. Filet Mignon with Lobster-filled Ravioli at La Vita Dolce, Lake Havasu City, NV

Best Burger:
1. Pepper Bacon Wagyu at Mamacita’s International Grill, La Grande, OR

Best Common Sandwich with a Twist:
1. Tuna Melt at Blue Moose in Port Townsend, WA (served on an open-faced English muffin with bacon and pepper jack cheese)

Best Unusual Lunch Dish (or Breakfast or Supper Dish):
1. Quinoa Bowl at Red Horse Coffee Traders in Joseph, OR (warm quinoa under lots of greens with sour cream and other toppings

Best Pizza (West of the Mississippi)
1. Ronnie’s — Yuma, AZ (this ranking hasn’t changed in years)
2. The Garage Brewing and Pizzaria — Temecula, CA (You can build your own pizza much the way you build a sub at Subway — a pizza maker will add the items as you request them from the ingredients bar; you can tell them how much of things you want — light cheese, extra sauce, etc., and they’ll do what you ask. Can’t ask for more!)
Best Quesadilla:
1. Smoked Salmon Quesadilla at Roseann’s, Oceanside, OR

Best Fish Tacos:
1. Village Kitchen in Priest Lake, ID

Best Tostada West of the Mississippi:
1. Tacos El Chero in Pahrump, NV

Best Lake Perch:
1. DeMore’s Offshore Grill, Sandusky, OH

Best Soft-Shelled Crabs West of North Carolina:
1. DeMore’s Offshore Grill, Sandusky, OH


Best Fried Chicken Dinner:
1. Cimarron West Restaurant — Elko, NV

Best Mac & Cheese:
1. Smoked Scallop Mac & Cheese at Chinook’s in Seward, AK
2. Mac & Cheese with Canadian Bacon at Blue Moose in Port Townsend, WA


Best Soup:
1. Chicken Veggie with Tortellini at Farm’s Reach, Chimacum, WA*
2. Bean and Bacon Soup at Sheppard Street Restaurant, Viola, IL


Best Clam Chowder:
1. Farm’s Reach, Chimacum, WA*

Best Quiche:
1. Spinach, Tomato, Basil, Feta Quiche at Coffee Express in Port Clinton, OH
2. Southwestern Quiche at Farm’s Reach, Chimacum, WA

Best Homemade Corned Beef Hash:
1. The Original Pancake House — Sioux Falls, SD (I know, a chain!)

Best Pancakes:
1. Wild Rice Pancakes with Maple Syrup at The Voyageur in International Falls, MN


Best Omelet:
1. Hangtown Fry (yep, a repeat!) at The Tides in Hoodsport, WA
2. Oyster Omelet at Logger’s Landing in Quilcene, WA
3. Hawaiian Omelet at Sunrise Cafe in Nampa, ID

Best Hash:
1. Roasted Butternut Squash Hash at Calico Cupboard in Anacortes, WA

Most Unusual Breakfast Item But Won’t Order It Again:
1. The Sticky Mess at Track’s End in Bellevue, OH (Eggs to order and sausage between two slices of french toast spread with grape jelly, served with syrup on the side — and just $4.75!)
Best Strawberry Pie:
1. Twin Lakes Golf Course Restaurant — Bellevue, OH
2. Sheppard Street Restaurant, Viola, IL

Best Razzleberry Pie:
1. Mom’s Diner — Pahrump, NV

Best Blueberry Crumb Pie:
1. Rita’s in Edgerton, OH

Best Apple Pie:
1. Farm’s Reach Chimacum, WA**

Most Unique Yet Tasty Pie:
1. Graham Cracker Pie at Nelson’s Cafe in Roseau, MN

Best Chocolate Cake:
1. Chocolate cake made with zuccini (yes, you read that correctly) — Farm’s Reach, Chimacum, WA**

Best Ice Cream:
1. Toft’s Dairy — Sandusky, OH

Best (and Maybe Only) Place to Get Coffee Served in a Cup on a Saucer:
1. Momence Family Restaurant in Momence, IL
Best Restaurant Decorations:
1. Cabin Cafe in Saco, MT (strands of shotgun shell lights and shot-up metal milk buckets serve as light shades)
Best Farmer’s Market:
1. Port Townsend, WA (thumbs up to the new “no dogs” policy!)
2. Sioux Falls, SD

* Yes, TWO best soups; we started to call Ari there the Soup Goddess — her soups are that good!
** Yes, TWO desserts! we also started calling Ari the Dessert Goddess 🙂
Note to establishments listed here: You’re welcome to use the Bob and Ellen’s Great RV Adventure BEST Badge on your Website, Facebook page, or in other promotional materials. We just request that you include a link to the blog when used online. E-mail Ellen for a jpg or gif at ellenbehr[at] Thanks for giving us such great service and yummy food!

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