What’s the Plural of Lexus?

Lexuses? Lexi? Every time we drive through Temecula, California, I wonder about this. Because there are Lexi everywhere. (Okay, not in this photo, but it’s all I have at the moment….)


Temecula is a pleasant city and if it has a bad side, an other-side-of-the-tracks neighborhood, we haven’t found it (we’re not even sure railroad tracks dare to cross its city limits).

It’s farm country — if you call vineyards “farms.” It’s horse country — though more “equestrian” than “cowboy.”

And it’s car country. Although you’ll see plenty of Chevys and Fords and Hondas and Toyotas, it’s easy to see this is a town that believes the make of one’s vehicle somehow matters. Maybe it’s an “image is everything, and your car is your image” attitude. Because before long you’ll start to realize that Mercedes and Lexi and BMWs probably outnumber all other cars on the road here. You might even start to play “intersection bingo,” Temecula version:

Watch the cars that line up across the street at the stoplight (many of the streets here are multi-laned). Can you get three in a row? Or maybe a royal flush: a Lexus, Mercedes, and Beemer? (Okay, I’m mixing my game metaphor here, but you get the picture.)

Think I’m crazy? Well, at one RV park where we stay, one hired maintenance staff worker had a used Lexus and another drove a used Mercedes. It’s not that they’re paid that well, it’s that the cars are so common in the area that it’s easy to get a used one cheap.

And just when I thought I’d hit the Temecula Bingo jackpot — a Lexus, Jaguar and Porsche all at one stoplight — I saw a Maserati come through another intersection. Drat! Another car to add to my hit list.

And then… a Bentley… next to us as a gas station. The irony? It was a station known to have the cheapest fuel in town.

Gotta love a town like this, don’t you think?

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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