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Falling for Fallbrook

This past winter we alternated between southern Arizona and southern California, cruising aboard our six-wheeled Class C from one to the other as the mood hit. Full-time RVers are full-time travelers because after sitting in one spot for awhile, we … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Air Shows

Believe it or not, there’s a lot to love about Yuma. One of our favorite things is the nearly constant air show we’re attending — without having to fight crowds or pay an admission fee.

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Mittry Lake

During a visit to Yuma back in January, we spotted smoke northeast of town but didn’t think much of it. With thousands of acres of agriculture, we’d seen lemon trees hacked down, piled up until their branches and leaves went … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz!

Ready? Name the longest sustained march in US military history. Need a hint? It occurred (mostly) inside our borders in the 1800s. Thinking the Civil War?

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