Say Hello to My Little Friend

We make a few visits to Pahrump, Nevada, each year.


We were told years ago that — unless you like to gamble — there’s nothing in Pahrump. It’s a town of casinos, a Walmart, a handful of restaurants, and not much else. That’s if you consider an expanse of desert “not much else.”

To us, it’s a paradise for hiking and four-wheeling. We head toward the Spring Mountains, get off the road into the sand and gravel, find a place to park, and roam the hills. Here you can see Pahrump in the pale distance:


The landscape might not look like much to you, but picking our own path through the sage and brush, stepping around or over the scratchy rocks (bump them with your knee and you will bleed) — make a great morning in the near wilderness for us.


We never know what we might come across (I’ve posted before about the cool funnel webs we’ve seen and the tarantula we once came across, not to mention the myriad lizards too quick to capture on film), like this harmless slithery critter…


… and one of two plastic folding chairs we found at the top of one the hills:


Maybe before the gentlemens club in town closed this was where the dancer’s sunbathed?!?

Oh… did I mention Nevada is an open carry state? We’re legal to carry concealed weapons, but finding a place where going out into the empty countryside to practice our aim is a nice perk when visiting Nevada.


Years ago, I decided it would be a good idea — as a writer — to find out what it feels like to hold a gun and pull the trigger. What surprised Bob and me both was what a great shot I was! But with out practice, I was a little rusty. Good idea to practice, and how cool to be out in the open air. We set up leftovers from others’ practice — a plastic plant, a piece of a red reflector, and a silver can. I aimed this .22 caliber revolver with Bob coaching me so I could correct my shot. (This photo made me realize how hard the silver gun is to see against the desert around me…. hmmm… a detail that might fit into a future Rollin RV Mystery…!):


Of course, I couldn’t resist trying an AR-15 (this one is also a .22). It was amazingly light, with little kick.


So… say hello to my NEW little friend 🙂

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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