Not Chopped

In an earlier post, we “chopped” a popular high-end restaurant in Pahrump, Nevada, from our list of places we’ll return to. This time we’ll give you two new places we’ll go back to when we’re in town again.

We’ve all heard you should look for the place with all the cars around it because that’s the best place to eat. Well, we’ve had mixed results with that method (often many people like the sorts of foods we don’t), but in the case of El Jefe’s Mexican Restaurant, we found that the locals know their stuff. Quick service, hot food, tasty fish tacos — what’s not to love?


Hoping that the drop in quality at Mom’s has everything to do with their new venture, Sugar’s Shack, we decided to try the Shack out. Set off the main drag, with an entrance separate from the attached casino (we held our noses to get to the bathroom — fortunately, not many people were smoking), it was promising. Craving chicken, we opted for the chicken dinners, which were excellent — comfort food cooked the way you remember.


But the best thing about Sugar’s? The chocolate cake. I dove into it so fast I missed getting a photo. Then I didn’t finish it — me! Not finishing a slice of chocolate cake! So much, so good…. That alone is enough to bring anyone back to this little hide-away.


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Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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