A Saint in St George

After shopping Springdale on our non-hiking days, we were ready to venture a little farther down the road — and St. George was the perfect place to explore.

We followed our GPS through major road construction to find what was supposed to be the best restaurant in town — only to discover we were out in the middle of nearly nowhere, at the airport, facing a lousy return trip back between orange cones at speeds barely above a crawl. Oh, well, we’re retired. We have all day, right?

As we were pondering our options near the doorway of the airport terminal, a woman named Jennifer overheard us and gave us directions to the new, correct restaurant, but we were pretty done with that idea by then. But getting out of town?

Jennifer, a local resident, knew the back way around the construction. “I’ll lead you,” she said. “And there’s a great restaurant on the way.”

So she did — what a saint!


And the restaurant? A great fast-food, Tex-Mex sort of spot called Cafe Rio, which, Jennifer told us, originated right in St. George.


We had to return to St. George a few days later, on a Saturday, to take care of some business. I spotted a big sign on a building that said “World Famous Belgian Waffles,” so we thought we’d give the place a try.


I couldn’t resist the Harvest Grain Waffle, “topped with blueberries, vanilla yogurt, powdered sugar and whipped cream.” Bob decided to try The Forgotten Baked Apple: “Large granny smith apples cut to lay out like a flower, seasoned with vanilla and brown sugar. The center is packed with granola and cranberries, wrapped in foil tightly to hold in the juices and baked to perfection. Served bubbly hot with vanilla ice cream, powdered sugar, caramel and whipped cream. Great as an entree or dessert.”

Man oh man oh man:


It’s no wonder people were lined up most of the time to eat here!


To walk at least a couple of those calories off, we browsed the farmers’ market across the street:



Not only are farmers’ markets a great place to get fresh produce, hunt for unusual craft pieces, and meet people from the area, but we haunt them for local honey. Great on cereal, in our coffee, and it helps us combat allergies — what more could you ask for?

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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2 Responses to A Saint in St George

  1. emhelms63 says:

    Wow, you two must be wired on all that sugar!

    Happy Trails, Mike

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