Baker in Baker

Baker, Nevada, the tiny town at the entrance of Great Basin National Park, fascinates me every time we’re there. With just a few buildings — a tavern, a restaurant, a cafe that’s open odd hours just a few days a week, and more boarded-up storefronts than open ones — it’s one of the few towns that has changed very little from the first time we were here several years ago.


You’d think what’s man-made would change more than the natural parkland surrounding Baker, but the opposite is true here (see my previous post about the effects of wildfire and flash floods on the Lexington Arch trail).


It’s clear that life here isn’t easy…


…and if you’re looking for a fixer-upper, this is the town for you:


The small sign on the front of this building (below) says “Museum of the Future — Coming Soon.”


Many of the people who visit the area come for one of two things: the Lehman Caves at Great Basin National Park, and/or to camp in the park — the higher up, the more rustic (and chilly!) the stay. The Lectrolux Cafe, T&D’s Restaurant, and the local tavern are the three places in Baker to get a meal.

Or you can opt for soup and sandwich at the Lehman Cafe in the national park. We gave that a try, but decided their famous ice cream sandwiches are the better bet. We shared this chocolate chip cookie with huckleberry ice cream (it was at least three inches high):


But we’re sure the town is named for a woman at the Lectrolux Cafe who shyly but proudly served us her homemade apple pie a la mode with huckleberry ice cream (a must wherever it’s served, you know):


It was by far the best apple pie we’ve ever had in a restaurant — perfectly cooked apples, not too sweet, and without that syrupy filler stuff. My mouth is watering just remembering it!

Yep, she must be the Baker this town is named for.

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6 Responses to Baker in Baker

  1. Hi guys

    Have you ever done the Extraterristial Highway in Nevada?

    • Ellen says:

      Hi you two! No, we haven’t gone down that side of Nellis AFB yet, mostly because when we’re in that corner of NV we’re heading toward Pahrump. (We avoid places like Las Vegas whenever possible…. not into the city life, you know?) Have you traveled it?

  2. My mouth is watering for apple pie! It’s so much fun to eat in a local restaurant and discover a special dish like that.

  3. Ellen says:

    Coconut pecan pie is new to me 🙂 I’ll have to try that one if we get out to Barton! Watch future posts for the mention of a homemade bread that knocked our socks off…. (don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, which is so easy to do!). Hope you two are doing well! Travel safe!

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