[NOTE: This blog is lagging a bit — as usual — from our current travels. In early June we were in Great Basin National Park, inside Nevada near the Utah border.]


Sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate for hiking, and the sky on this early June day warned us not to stray very far from cover.


With so much open ground around Great Basin National Park to explore — in a Jeep, no less — we were game to venture out.


We’ve long believed the farther away from the main roads you get, the closer you are to where and how the local inhabitants live, including the four-legged residents:



We prowled dirt and gravel backroads, outrunning the GPS (not a surprise, as this particular brand of GPS doesn’t have very many trails on it… a lousy choice for a JEEP!!!). Eventually we came to a deep gully filled with water — woohoo! We’d get a chance to see how well the Jeep went through deep water.


It doesn’t look too deep here, and we had no idea how deep it was, but it looked manageable, so Bob put the Jeep in its special stream-fording gear and down the steep slope we went. The water came up more than half-way over the tires, but the Rubicon had no trouble rolling through this off-road challenge šŸ™‚


The views were amazing — 360 degrees! We followed the winding, hilly tracks for miles. We stopped to explore this amazing little cemetary:


According to the sign over the gate, the Blackhorse Eldridge Cemetary was established in 1905, and it looked well-tended and recently used.


With Wheeler Peak dusted in snow, it was a beautiful, peaceful place.


Just when you think you’ve got the place to yourself… you round a bend, hump over a hill, and you see the locals, staring at you:


These two elk seemed as fascinated by as us we were by them. We paused a few minutes to snap a few photos, then drove on, leaving them with better things to do than to have to worry about us, and besides…


…we still had miles and miles of two-track lanes to explore!


About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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4 Responses to Backroads

  1. emhelms63 says:

    Wow, nice back-country venture! I for sure would’ve tested the depth of that water before venturing through it. Did you know it was safe, or are you two just gutsy? You guys are living the dream! Ellen, when is the next mystery coming out? I’ve been waiting!

    Happy Trails!


    • Ellen says:

      Hi, Mike! Nope, didn’t test the water, though I offered. Bob has excellent judgment about these things (he credits his Cherokee heritage), but I’ll take “gutsy” šŸ˜‰ Next book will probably be out in 2016 šŸ™‚ — thanks for asking!!

  2. Love the elk staring at you! šŸ˜‰

    • Ellen says:

      It was one of those amazing, quiet encounters you can’t get anywhere other than off the beaten path, to be sure. I’m glad they decided we weren’t encroaching on their patch of grass or those stares might not have been friendly.

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