Food Lovers’ Language

If you guessed French, guess again. Sure, sure. Some people set the bar with French cuisine, but we prefer Italian. I’m sure it was someone who sat down to a hot plate of pasta who invented the term, “comfort food.” And if you’ll remember, Bob’s specialty is spaghetti, so although he loves to try the sauce at different restaurants, I never order spaghetti, opting instead for the Italian dishes Bob doesn’t make, like lasagna and ravioli.

Then we found this place:


Italian To Go is a tiny spot with a big heart in downtown Nampa — a great find we might have missed had it not been for a referral from the owners of the RV park where we stayed. They do a rousing take-out business, and the wait for a table can be awhile if you show up at a busy time. Lucky for us, we like to eat in the off hours, so we had plenty of time to eat and chat with the owners.

Of course, friendly only goes so far — the food has be hot and tasty to hit our list. And for me to devote an entire post to one restaurant? Well… that should tell you something about how impressed we were with Italian To Go.

Let’s start with their garlic toast. Forget those rolls of white bread dusted with garlic butter. Here you’ll get a garlic roll pie: essentially a pizza pie with garlic and cheese. Served hot right from the oven — it’s the best garlic toast we’ve ever had (we dove in so fast I didn’t get a photo until… well… as you can see, it was about half gone by then):


Their pizza is excellent, but their spaghetti is phenomenal. Maybe it was because we could choose type of pasta, meats (including clams), and veggies to make our own combinations that made the entree such a standout. Here’s one with clams and angel hair pasta….


… another with spinach over angel hair…


… and third with spinach over spiral noodles:


We can’t forget about dessert. Their cannolis were amazing…


…but their Red Velvet Cake was so excellent, it became our favorite:


We stopped in so often that we had the chance to try nearly everything. And it was all good. No — it was excellent.

One of the waiters sang us a song he wrote. On our anniversary we stopped in after a hike. The owner brought flowers to our table — she’d picked them from her garden and thought we’d enjoy them. She didn’t even know it was our anniversary! It made our special day even more special. Yes, at least for this foodie, the language of love is Italian.


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Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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6 Responses to Food Lovers’ Language

  1. Arlene says:

    What a wonderful surprise with the flowers. Sounds like a lovely, friendly, and caring resteraunt.

    • Ellen says:

      Yes, they’re excellent people. And modest! I checked their website so I could give them a personal thank you but no names there. And of course I was just too shy to ask when we were in town. If you’re ever out this way, stop in — well worth it!

  2. All I have to say is ONE word: TORTURE! Man, that food looks good. Okay, that’s more than one word, but yum yum — all that stuff looks oh so deliciouso! And here I am trying to lose weight. Thanks a lot, guys.

    Happy Trails, Mike

  3. Sounds yummy! Now I’m hungry for pasta!

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