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Packed Packwood

As we drove westward through Washington state this past July we were reminded of how varied this state is. With so much attention given to Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula, it’s easy to forget how much of the state is … Continue reading

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Hot Summer Nights

Mid-July, you’ll remember, was crazy hot. Everywhere. Except one place. The beach. To get there, we traversed the Lolo Pass marking the border between Montana and Idaho… …following Route 12 along the stunning Lochsa River (I finally found out how … Continue reading

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The Full-Timers Motto

Along Route 93, just south of the Montana border, sits the tiny town of North Fork, Idaho. The town has a small restaurant, store, and fuel. If memory serves, they’re all in the same building. And just south of there, … Continue reading

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Not All Fun and Games

Every full-timer has heard it thousands of times: “Wow! I’d love to do what you’re doing! What fun!” Yep, it is. Except when it’s not. RV maintenance. Toad maintenance. Personal business. Errands. Medical appointments. So the best thing to do … Continue reading

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