Not All Fun and Games

Every full-timer has heard it thousands of times: “Wow! I’d love to do what you’re doing! What fun!”

Yep, it is. Except when it’s not. RV maintenance. Toad maintenance. Personal business. Errands. Medical appointments.


So the best thing to do is try to make the chores more fun, right? Like getting the Jeep washed. Like spotting a group of kids raising money for something by doing what we’d rather not spend our time on, as we did here in Sioux Falls, SD:


Taking the RV for an oil change can even be fun when we see something odd, like this sign:


“Want some coffee? Or tea? If you want Tea, this is the exit.”

And it’s always fun to notice something you were meant to see, something you also know most people will miss. Sitting on a bench, waiting for the trolley in downtown Sioux Falls, I saw such a thing. Do you see it?


Okay, probably hard to see this at this size, especially if you’re reading along on your phone… So here’s a close-up:

We’ve stopped in Sioux Falls, SD, several times since hitting the road full time in 2009, but we’re still discovering new things about it. One of our finds this year was Puerto Vallarta, an excellent Mexican restaurant on 10th Street. While their hard shell tacos sort of fell apart, their Seafood Burrito was amazing! It was like paella stuffed in a tortilla: huge shrimp, chunks of real crab meat, and scallops with rice, onions, and peppers — mmm!


Good food always makes an RV chore more tolerable, right?

We’re big believers in walking everywhere we can when we’re in one place for awhile. Not only is it good exercise (especially for creaky joints), but we often spy things we would have otherwise missed. This past July in Clarkston, Washington, walking from the RV park to the grocery store, we first noticed these beautiful sunflowers in front of this house along one of the main streets…


…but as I looked more closely, I saw the sign:


For us the summer of 2015 was made up of little moments like this, making us smile, reminding us of why we ventured out onto our never-ending journey in the first place.


About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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