The Full-Timers Motto

Along Route 93, just south of the Montana border, sits the tiny town of North Fork, Idaho. The town has a small restaurant, store, and fuel. If memory serves, they’re all in the same building. And just south of there, along the Salmon River, sits the Wagonhammer RV Park.

Midge Gray, a host there, penned this Full-Timers Motto:


Such was our summer of 2015. From Sioux Falls, we ambled back through Rapid City, but nixed the notion of staying in Sturgis again when the same RV park where we’d stayed earlier upped its overnight fees to $50/night, calling them “pre-rally rates.”

Pre-rally? Really? Weeks and weeks in advance? We voted with our wheels and drove on down the road. Sometimes I think these places forget we can stop anywhere for the night.


Full-timers appreciate the notion that the journey is what’s important, not some destination. Too much to see along the way to rush past it.




This Osprey landed on its nest just as we passed by in our rig…


…so although the image isn’t magazine-quality, it’s still a neat thing to be able to see and capture. A gift the journey gives us, right?

This past summer, our bigger plans were constantly in flux. Full-time (and long-trip) RVers know you have to be adaptable, because conditions are always changing.

We full-timers might not be restricted by having to get back to a sticks-and-bricks residence, but we’re still bound by two things no one can control (as much as we’d like to): the weather and the seasons. Fortunately, we can keep moving to better weather — and this summer we were on the move for exactly that reason.

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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2 Responses to The Full-Timers Motto

  1. We’re long-trip RVers and I totally agree with you that it’s the journey that’s important not the destination (although we always have a couple of must see destinations for each trip). Enjoy your winter travels and may you have many days of beautiful weather!

    • Ellen says:

      Thanks, Beth! Like you two, we like having a destination of sorts…. a general idea of where we’re heading. But between starting out and getting there (if we even do get there), a lot can — and does! — happen (as you’ll see as I gradually get posts published about the rest of the summer). Take care and Go Dawgs! (As long as they don’t end up playing the Buckeyes… in which case….!)

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