Packed Packwood

As we drove westward through Washington state this past July we were reminded of how varied this state is. With so much attention given to Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula, it’s easy to forget how much of the state is agricultural. This year the ranges and farm lands were dry…


…which made the scenery beautiful in its own way…


…but that of course, meant conditions were prime for wildfires:


We skirted south of these, keeping blue skies overhead as much as possible. And along the way, we were rewarded. When we made a stop at a rest area along the Columbia River in the Hanford Beach National Monument, we looked up to see this…


…a stunning American White Pelican, making lazy circles. Soon, another joined it:


They flew in amazingly tight formation, high above. My zoom managed to capture a bit of their flight:


We stood, mesmerized. And then…


…a third joined them! What better way to take a break from the road than to spend a few minutes watching these amazing birds?

But the road was calling… so we climbed back into the RV, pointed our noses West, and drove on. Not quite three hours later we were in the presence of another of Mother Nature’s inspiring creations, Mount Rainier:


And not long after that, we rolled to a stop in Packwood, Washington. First things first: food. We’ve always enjoyed the pizza at Cruiser’s, and we weren’t disappointed:


We’ve been through Packwood several times, but each time we visit we notice something new. It could be a business that’s closed or one that’s opened. What attracted our attention this time were the sculptures.

From the carved statues of this homage to winter sports….


…to this one dedicated to the “Mayor of Packwood”…


…the town is packed with all kinds of art work. Bicycles decorated The Mountain Goat Coffee Roaster and Bakery’s outdoor seating area…



…although this coffee pot on its deck looked like it might also function as a stove or heater on the chilly days:


This combination of art gallery and cafe didn’t survive the tough months, so these sculptures could probably be yours if the price is right (or buy the business and they’ll probably toss the sculptures in as part of the deal):


It just goes to show… sometimes there’s a lot more to a place than meets the eye, at least right away.


About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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