Not a Disappointment

{Note: We’re still catching up on our adventures from last fall. If you’re just joining us, it’s August 2015 and we’re in Long Beach, Washington, exploring the area parks.}

On the opposite end of Long Beach Peninsula from Leadbetter Point State Park sits Cape Disappointment State Park, home to two lighthouses. With the Pacific Ocean to its west, Baker Bay to the east, and the Columbia River flowing off its southern tip, this park offers panoramas in every direction. (You can visit the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center at this park too, though we chose to save that for another time.)

We drove the Route 100 loop, stopping first at Beards Hollow for a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean on this slightly foggy day:


The short walk to the North Head Lighthouse…


…led us along a high vantage point along the ocean:


We paid $5 for both of us to go up into the North Head Lighthouse…


…because it’s always fun to climb those narrow, steep, metal lighthouse steps, right?


The views from the top are always worth the climb:


Luckily, despite the limited visibility, the winds were calm. North Head has clocked winds 120 mph, making it one of the windiest places on the West Coast!

We’d hoped to visit the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse which overlooks the famous Columbia River bar (notorious for decimating ships and boats unfamiliar with the unique and treacherous access into the river from the Pacific), but the parking lot had a line of vehicles waiting to get in, so we drove on, saving it for another visit.


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