Deer Me!

So much yet to cover from our stay on the Long Beach Peninsula last August, but I’ll tie it up with a few final notes….

If you’ve never been to this particular spot along the coast, DON’T GO! Just kidding. Trying to keep even more people from crowding the streets and making the line in Scoops Ice Cream shop even longer 😉 It’s a beautiful stretch of oceanside on the southern corner of Washington state and I can promise you that if you go, you’ll want to return. Parks, bicycling, beach, and the usual attractions if you like that sort of thing (go carts, an arcade, you get the picture).

We never get tired of bicycling or walking (as we did this time, having left our bikes in storage) along the Discovery Trail because there’s always something to see, like the amazing kites decorating the sky…


…though I’m not sure if the huge donut-shaped kites ever get off the ground, like this one (see how big next to that truck?):


Even the dreary days are stunning, especially here in the Ilwaco harbor:


And just when we think we’ve walked the grassy dunes between town and the beach so many times we’ve seen everything, something catches our eye:


Can it be…? Yes, it is!


A beach-loving deer! She kept a careful eye on us as we gave her a wide berth. Good thing — just around the next dune we caught a quick brown glimpse of her fawn as it dashed to safety and as far away from my camera as it could get (darn).


About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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6 Responses to Deer Me!

  1. The deer is so cute! Very surprising to see a deer on the beach. Your so lucky!

    • Ellen says:

      It was such a surprise to come upon this deer and its fawn along the beach. These are the sorts of things you just can’t plan to experience — they’re gifts, no doubt about it!

  2. sometimes the most fun in unintended.great post.

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