South Bend (No, Not Indiana…)

South Bend, Washington, doesn’t look like much on the map, and we might not have stopped here except we had some business to attend to there. Good thing, too, or we would have missed one of the most amazing experiences we’ve had since venturing out on the road.


The Pacific County Courthouse is a beautiful building, sitting atop a hill with a gorgeous view of the bay. Inside, murals of area scenes were painted near the ceiling…


…and from the stained glass dome…


…to the carefully tiled floor…


…the details of the building showed artistic style and pride. (No, we weren’t in court… no tickets to pay, nothing like that. We were getting our fingerprints taken and making our application for our Washington state concealed carry permit, if you must know :))

But the stunning courthouse wasn’t what made our visit amazing. It was the food (of course! what did you expect?).

How do you find a great place to eat in an unfamiliar town? One way is to follow your nose, which is how we found River View Dining, right along the main street.


It was so good we ate here twice the same day, which happens on so few occasions I could probably count the number of times we’ve done that on the fingers of one hand. On our first visit, we opted for tacos, with Bob ordering fish…


…while I decided to try the oyster tacos:


These were so amazing, we would have come back to have them again. BUT… someone at a nearby table ordered the oysters on the grill with everything and they smelled like a crack had opened up in seafood heaven and let a little bit of the aroma through.

Just a few hours later, we were back, having finished our business in the courthouse. We ordered the oysters on the grill, waiting impatiently while the wood-stoked fire and the chef worked their joint magic…


…until…voila! A taste experience so wonderful my mouth is watering now (more than five months later) just thinking about it.


We’ll be back. No doubt about it. Maybe we’ll be back next week… 😉

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Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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1 Response to South Bend (No, Not Indiana…)

  1. Wow, those oysters look desicious! I grew up in Panama City, FL (coastal Panhandle) and lived there until eleven-plus years ago. We go back now and then to visit relatives and friends. My son-in-law’s family is in the seafood business. Every time we visit he brings us a sack of fresh oysters (Usually Apalachicola oysters, about the best in the world!). We sit around and stuff ourselves with oysters on the halfshell, and then shuck a bunch more to roast of the grill. Add butter, parmesan cheese, garlic, and hot sauce, place over a slow wood fire until done, and you’re in hog heaven!
    I’m gaining weight just from reading your posts! Happy Trails!

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