Our favorite thing about traveling is finding new places and discovering new things. Taking the back roads helps. Last August, heading East from the Pacific Coast where we’d spent a few weeks in Long Beach, Washington, we got off Interstate 5 onto Route 12 where I spotted a restaurant called Spiffy’s.

Spiffy’s had to have something going for it to be out in the middle of nearly nowhere and have a jam-packed parking lot. And the lot was huge. It was so packed we drove past the restaurant until we saw a gravel area large enough for our Class C with toad where we parked, then walked up a hill and passed a drive-thru coffee shop then a gas station before arriving at the restaurant.

The salad bar was excellent, and my patty melt worthy of a photo:


But what was most memorable* was their peanut butter bread. Yep. We wouldn’t have even known about it except the salad bar came with complimentary bread. Two little slices from a small loaf. One was the standard white stuff. But the other?

MMM! We bought one of the small loaves to go. Not very pretty in its wrapper, but it was the most amazingly unique bread I’ve had in a long time. It tasted like a peanut butter cookie, except it was soft like cake. (Okay. Gotta run. My mouth is watering.)


*So memorable we made a special effort to stop again as we wove our way southward a few months later… but alas, they were out 😦

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Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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6 Responses to Breaded

  1. Ingrid says:

    I love stumbling upon special, one of a kind places. Sounds delicious!

    • Ellen says:

      Hi, Ingrid! I was so bummed when we stopped back to get more and they were all out 😦 Next time…! I agree that this is one of the best reasons to travel.

  2. Cool, a place near me that I can try! Thank you 😁

  3. HA HA HA! I can’t help thinking how much that delicious loaf resembles a snake’s head! Just add the slitted eyes with your imagination and look again! Am I right? Not to say it wasn’t a great taste treat. I’m sure it was, and to be honest, I imagine slicing it in half thickness-wise, toasting it, and then slathering it with butter. Enjoy with your breakfast coffee. Man, now MY mouth is watering!

    Happy Trails, –Mike

    • Ellen says:

      Good eye! Now that you say it, it does look like a snake 🙂 I was afraid if I unwrapped it for a better photo I’d just eat it. Haven’t eaten snake so I have no idea if we got the better end of it with the PB bread or not. Hope you’re well!

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