Below… Zero?!? Part 2

[Our winter adventure from January 2016 continues….]

Our second night, in Pueblo, Colorado, we found a room (pet-free! These are increasingly rare, which is too bad, given our allergies….) and walked to the nearby Cactus Flower restaurant, where Bob ordered the hard-shell tacos, which were homemade, crispy, and still warm!


How do you know you’re entering Wyoming? Well, you look for the bison, of course….


Oh, you want to see REAL bison? No problem. This herd was just up the road from the sign:


On our third day, we arrived in Rapid City. What followed was a tornado of paperwork and a blizzard of errands: swapping the vehicles, getting the Blue Ox hitch stuff taken off the old Jeep and put onto the new one, not to mention all the other details that go into getting a “toad” ready for hook-up and pull.

Whew! But we weren’t ready yet. We’d come this far. Why mail all that paperwork back and forth when we can just drive on over to Sioux Falls (our domicile county seat) to take care of registration and tags in person?

So we hit the road again on January 7… heading farther East in dense fog, which gave the countryside an eerie yet beautiful softness:


We couldn’t avoid the perils of traveling through South Dakota in early January. We (I use the term loosely. To be exact, Bob) drove through blowing snow…


…and blinding fog:


Still, I couldn’t stop taking photos of the stunning views out the windows:


We were reminded to be careful when we spotted drivers who weren’t…


…despite the warning signs (literally):



But we got to Sioux Falls in time that day to get into the DMV office before it closed, which left us back on our own schedule.

[Next time, more on our winter adventure!]


About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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4 Responses to Below… Zero?!? Part 2

  1. Speaking of bison: on one of my several trips to Yellowstone NP I drove through Hayden Valley and turned onto a side road (trail?) where I saw a herd of the big fellows & gals gathered near the water. (River? Can’t remember, but a bull moose was standing knee-deep in the water eating some type of floating vegetation.) Two big males were showing their stuff, butting heads, raising dust, and pushing back and forth to impress the ladies. This went on for some time. Took many photos and emptied a Super 8 mm film on the rivals. Of course all of this was done from the “safety” of my VW bus! Great memories!

  2. Ellen says:

    Awesome story!! I’m always amazed to read about people who venture too close — just saw an item about someone petting a bison at Yellowstone — and getting gored for their efforts. Some years ago we got stopped by a bear jam in Yellowstone, I hopped up through the open window to snap a few pics over the top of the vehicle when I heard some man say, “What are you doing?” This nutcase said told the man he was “going to light this firecracker to get the bear to look this way.” The grizz was maybe forty feet off the road. I slid back into the truck and said, “We need to get out of here NOW,” and we did. Don’t know what happened but I have an idea about someone should have done with that firecracker….!

  3. aelkins1 says:

    We took a similar trip Sept. 2016 from Denver up to Rapid City to establish our domicile. Didn’t see any buffalo, but OH MY GOD it was scary driving through the night with the multitude of deer and antelope by the side of the road. You can read that adventure here: I’m looking forward to going back to the area this year, likely in September, and actually having time to explore the area.

    • Ellen says:

      Thanks for stopping by the blog and for including the link — wow! What an adventure you two had! Trial by fire, I guess! Shawn must be a trucker to have opted to buy a big rig as a towing vehicle. I can now understand why staying in larger RV parks is necessary 🙂 Am looking forward to reading more of your posts and seeing how it goes for you! Safe travels!

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