Below…Zero?!? Part 4

[Our January 2016 adventure into the depths of winter continues….without our RV, thank goodness!]

It was 13 degrees BELOW ZERO when we left Sioux Falls on January 10. Good news: the new Jeep started right up 🙂


The frigid temperatures and clear skies meant trees and bushes were decorated with ice…


…while further down the highway thick ropes of snow still stuck to fences and power lines:


Somehow the snow made the empty plains of South Dakota look even more desolate:


And when we got into Rapid City, we couldn’t help noticing even the statues of the Presidents were bundling up against the chill. Nixon wore a shawl, and here’s JFK in not one but two knit caps:


We discovered these clothing items are placed intentionally so homeless people (or others who can’t afford a new hat or coat or gloves) can pick them off the statues. Clever idea! (Why don’t more cities do that?!?)

After an uncomfortable night in Cambria Suites (we discovered Choice hotels are pet-free) because of lousy housekeeping and a poor attitude by the staff, we were comped an upgrade to the “Tower Suite” but we didn’t find that to be much better. We did spend an extra day in Rapid City shopping but without a clean place to lay our heads, we were ready to head out. Reminded us of why we prefer traveling in our own suite — our RV!

[Our winter adventure continues next time….]


About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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2 Responses to Below…Zero?!? Part 4

  1. These posts about the below freezing temperatures are making me cold!

    • Ellen says:

      I wrote these in hot weather — helped me stay cool, too 🙂 Someone once told me he was reading “Into Thin Air” about the disastrous Mount Everest climbing expedition during a record-breaking heat wave and it helped. Hope you and yours are well! Travel safe!

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