Las Cruces and West

[To recap… in early January of 2016 we left our RV and the warmth of southern California to drive our Jeep north to South Dakota to trade it for a newer one. For details of the trip up and most of the journey back, see the “Below Zero” series.]

In our trip southwest about twenty years ago, we spent a memorable Christmas in Las Cruces and Mesilla. Unfortunately, just two things stood out for me from that trip: the very cool mariachi band playing Christmas songs in the bandstand in Old Mesilla where luminaries lined the rooftops and sidewalks, and the awful food poisoning we got that laid us low in a motel room for three of our vacation days.

The bandstand and town center in Old Mesilla were as we remembered them, though maybe smaller:


I’d remembering shopping myself out as we made the perimeter of the town square, but this time fewer products seemed locally made…



…though Bob did spot a gorgeous pair of turquoise earrings for me at Julienne’s Jewelry.

Following a recommendation from the desk clerk at the Hilton Garden Inn (the one dog-free hotel we were able to find… it made me wonder if we should start a chain of “allergy-free” lodgings…), we found the Si Italian Bistro, so good we ate there both days we were in town. They make their own pasta and bread — their lasagna and spaghetti with meatballs were amazing…


…as was their pizza…


…not to mention their desserts. We tried their key lime pie (mmm!)…


…and their German Chocolate Cake. You’d think it would be hard to mess up chocolate in any form, but you’d be wrong. Sometimes the balance tilts too far into the direction of “too rich” and this slice was on that edge, but oh so good:


From Las Cruces we continued West, with stops at a couple of Escapee parks (a Rainbow park in Deming, NM, and a co-op park in Benson, AZ) before a brief stay in Yuma and on to Southern California to reunite with our RV.

While it was nice to venture in our Jeep down roads we might not have risked in the larger rig, we were generally disappointed in the lousy quality of the motels and hotels, and we felt lucky when we found a nice meal in a good restaurant.

Were we glad to be back home to our RV!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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