Bloomin Early

The last several posts have described our unexpected adventure into the sub-freezing winter whiteness during a January visit to South Dakota to trade in our Jeep for one we’d ordered (which we’d been assured would be delivered in the spring… but hey… Merry Christmas to us, right?).

You met some of our neighbors in the previous post… but critters of the earth, wind and water weren’t the only things that greeted us when we returned from the great white north to sunny southern California.

Flowers waved their gorgeous petals at us…




…from all around:


Patches of these orange and yellow flowers sprang up simultaneously — awakened by the same alarm clock.

By early March, the cacti were starting to bloom:


Lilacs bloomed in mid-March…


…and by the first few days of April, flowers painted the landscape everywhere we looked. The delicate petals of this flower (I don’t know its name… can someone help?) transfix me every spring because this blossom reminds me of the tissue-paper flowers we made in grade school.


Here’s another I don’t have a name for… I call it the bottle brush bloom because it looks so much like those brushes for cleaning bottles, but unlike the brushes, the bristled “petals” are soft to the touch:


By mid-April, the ground and hills around us — despite being in a very dry desert area — were bursting in color. Many of the plants had been planted by folks in the RV park, including some gorgeous flowering bushes bordering our site:


Even the cacti were happy to get a bit of rain that had come through a few days before:





Of course, all of these flowers made the bees very happy. Can you see the smile on this one’s face?


(Okay, maybe not…. but I’m sure it’s smiling in its own bee way.)


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Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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