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Coast to Coast

In late April we left the West Coast for the Midwest, stopping for awhile along American’s “North Coast” (you know, that coast formed by the Great Lakes) in Ohio. But where to go from there? Why not head for the … Continue reading

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Local Politics

We never know what we might see as we travel the byways of America. On May 10 we passed a few people on a corner in a small West Virginia town, holding signs: Another block, and more signs: Clearly, some … Continue reading

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Did You See That? Me, Neither.

Early spring found us along Lake Erie in northern Ohio, one of many areas attracting birdwatchers hoping to catch a glimpse of a two-legged flyer they can scratch off their life list. I’m not one of those bird watchers. But … Continue reading

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Round on Both Ends

Have you heard the riddle we grew up with? “What’s round on both ends and high in the middle?”* It was our destination early this spring — specifically near the southern Lake Erie shoreline, which the local marketing folks like … Continue reading

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