Our Nook in Tillamook

After our disastrous though thankfully quick stay in Long Beach, Washington, last August, we found a spot down the road in Ilwaco. Our GPS showed it as a KOA, but KOA had apparently given up the place, and it was easy to see why. Despite the “resort” name, picnic tables were falling apart, the cable didn’t work, the sites were uneven — some muddy or water-logged. They had porta-potties instead of restrooms… all for $50 a night! When we asked the owner/manager about the pricing, he said they’d just bought the place and had bills to pay. And clearly work to do. We cancelled our week-long reservation here and left after one night.

We were ready for something good to happen.


And it did.

We found a place in Tillamook, Oregon, inland but close enough to the coast to visit the waves and shorebirds when the mood struck. And Tillamook itself is plenty interesting…


…so interesting, we easily spent a month there and had plenty to occupy our time, from the weekly farmers’ market…


…to the county fair…




…where we skipped the usual fair food…


…and tried a Mexican Sour Gherkin instead (at the invitation of the produce exhibit’s representative, of course):


We made a trip into Hillsboro to visit friends one day, and on another we drove out to Oceanside where we spotted this sand version of the Loch Ness being created:


When we passed a combination grocery and gun store, we couldn’t help stopping to check it out:


A smaller sign along the road advertising homemade jams got us to stop at the Bear Creek Artichoke Farm and Market, which became our go-to spot for jam and scones (it was the only place we’ve ever found where the jam was so freshly made the jars were still warm!):


We kept seeing the huge hangers of the Tillamook Air Museum from the main highway, so on a day when my ankle felt strong enough to walk the huge layout, we paid our $17 admission fee to go in ($9 per adult, but Bob got a $1 military discount) — a little steep for what was there, but for a good cause. And it’s always fun to sit in the chopped-up cockpits!


Not to mention being able to get close to a Navy fighter jet:


One of the selling points for this unique museum is that it’s “History Within History.” The hangar itself is amazing.


The base was only in operation from 1942-1948 and they built air ships here (helium blimps).


Sadly, none of those are around anymore, at least not to see here… though there was this quirky, blimpy thing that perked up the dark interior of the hanger:


The ankle I’d sprained in July was still green with tinges of purple; Bob iced it and I babied it, taking baby aspirin every day, all of which helped. Though we still couldn’t do all we wanted to do, we were able to get out to Cape Mears…


…where a short lighthouse sits.


How can a lighthouse just 38′ high do its job? Easy. It sits on a high cliff 🙂


But of all the things we saw (and this is just a partial list…!), this is my favorite:


Sunbathing seals! Doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

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Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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2 Responses to Our Nook in Tillamook

  1. Glad you finally found a great place to be for a while. It looks like you had lots of places to explore and lots of good food to buy! Love the county fair!

    • Ellen says:

      Thanks, Beth! Yep, we were glad to settle in for awhile. I’ve got to add this one to my “You Know You’re a Full-Time RVer When…” list: “…you’ve been to county fairs in more than a few states.” 🙂

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