My dictionary says an oddment is something left over. So here are some things that just didn’t fit into other posts… leftovers, you could say. Oddments. Odd oddments, at that. Things you don’t see every day. Like…

…three antique cars, each pulling a teardrop camper, spotted leaving an Idaho RV park this past autumn.

Maybe you’ve seen some of these little signs tacked to posts and trees outside Boise…

…or this one, in Pahrump, Nevada…

…where overhead one day, we heard the sound of planes and looked out to see this:

Across town, on another day, I looked up to see white doves flying among the pigeons…

…and if that wasn’t enough sky-gazing for one visit to Pahrump, we spotted this unusual cloud one day in late October…

…and watched the clouds seem to go up in flames on more than one evening:

Though we’ve seen enough trash in the desert to make us sick, we still can’t believe people use what could be beautiful, open spaces as their dumping grounds. This was just outside Pahrump:

Yet there’s beauty sometimes where you least expect it. November snows in this part of Nevada meant walking among palm trees while seeing snow fall on the Spring Mountains:

So my question now is, if you see a lot of oddments, are they still odd?

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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