Sittin’ On the Dock of the Bay

Where’s the best place to get out of the heat? The coast, of course. Last year was a coast-to-coast year (we went from the Pacific to the Atlantic and back… so maybe it was a coast-to-coast-to-coast year!); 2017 is a West coast only year.

In July we spent time along the Oregon coast, where we spent hours watching dozens (maybe hundreds!) of seals as they mostly slept on sandbars within site of our RV site…

…though occasionally they looked up to see what the commotion was:

We went from wearing sleeveless shirts to digging out our long-sleeved tees from the back of the closet…

..but were glad we could get outside, enjoying the salty air:

Of course, there’s no resisting the urge to take photos of birds…

…where even they ate well…

…and where we discovered a few new side dishes that became part of our regular diet while on the coast. Can you guess what this is?

Give up? Calamari Salad! You’d think it would be chewy and generally tasteless, but a tangy sauce gave it a unique, delicious flavor. The other side dish was another salad — seaweed salad. Looks boring, but, like the calamari salad, this was flavored perfectly; we ate plenty of it while on the coast. In this meal at home, we had salmon dip with fresh oysters on crackers (left), seaweed salad (center) and calamari salad (right), with cherry tomatoes. Mmm!

I don’t remember paying much attention to things like bugs on flowers when I was growing up, going to college, or once an adult, working. Maybe it was a matter of being surrounded by the familiar, but more likely it was because I didn’t take the time to stop and look at the details around me. Now it seems even the tiniest flowers, ants, and pebbles on a trail grab my attention.

Too soon it was time to say goodbye to our buddies on the sandbar…

…and head off, again, into the sunset.

Okay… well… no place but into the ocean if we went West… but it sounded better than “off into the sunrise we went…”!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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