Playing in Sandpoint

Can you believe this is our NINTH summer as full-time RVers?!? Me neither! We started back in the late spring/early summer of 2009 and have covered a lot of miles, seen more amazing things than I can ever describe here, and have gotten to know America (and parts of Canada) in ways we never would have if we’d flown in, stayed in a motel for a few days, then flown back.

A few places have become special to us, and we’ve gravitated back to them in the last few years. And every time we return, we find something new, or take a different day trip to explore a little further.

This past August, staying in far western Montana, we spent a day in Sandpoint, Idaho.

We parked downtown, put our coins in the meter, and stopped into the nearest shop. While I browsed the racks, Bob asked a woman how strict they are about the parking rules and was told to be on the safe side we should move our Jeep before the time on the meter expired. We thanked them, jokingly asked if they’d keep their eye on the Jeep for us while we shopped, and started down the street, poking our noses into shop after shop, sometimes buying something, always keeping one eye on the time.

All that shopping made us hungry, of course, so we stopped back in the women’s boutique to ask for recommendations. “Trinity on City Beach,” they said, adding that it was walkable from town, across the bridge and along the beach. Sounded good to us, but we had to move the Jeep.

That’s when the true friendliness of this town kicked in: a woman in the shop gave us her card, offering us the use of one of her two reserved spots in a nearby lot (“I’m not using it today anyway,” she said). How nice is that?

So we re-parked the Jeep, walked to the restaurant, got a table with a view…

…and had a terrific meal! Bob had a Warm Spinach Salad with blackened salmon…

…and I had the Root Burger — a patty made with beets, carrots, and other root veggies — plus sweet potato fries. Mmmm!

Before leaving the restaurant, we got the woman a gift card to thank her for all she had done for us. We hadn’t bought anything in her shop, yet she extended a generosity and kindness that made an impression of her, her business, and the town that has stayed with us.

If you’re in Sandpoint, Idaho, make sure you stop into Eve’s Leaves and say hello to Marilyn Dalby Sabella, owner and Chief Officer of Friendliness.

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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3 Responses to Playing in Sandpoint

  1. Laurel says:

    What a sweet story! The store owner extended a kindness to you, and you were so generous in return. Congratulations on nine years of fulltiming — obviously, you’re still loving it. :-))

    • Ellen says:

      It’s amazing what we’ve experienced — and what has changed — through these years of full-timing. We don’t always love it, to be honest, but we can’t think of any place we want to be for more than a couple of months at a time. The nomadic life seems to be in our blood! Hope you two are well! Am loving your adventures in the Pacific NW and portions of BC! Stunning up there!!

  2. Congratulations on 9 years. Just shows to go that there is good people and good things in the world and finding them just requires more good people.

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