From Hill to Hill

By mid-August the smoke in western Montana had gotten bad enough we stopped hiking, which always means it’s time to go someplace else. Though it wasn’t much better to the West, we had reservations in Joseph, Oregon, so we steered in that direction and hoped for the best.

Wild turkeys and deer dodged the RV as we drove the backroads, but there was no dodging the road work delays or the tricky detour in Clarkston-Lewiston (with signs that confused the easily-befuddled navigator, Ellen). But as we traveled from hilly country across the rolling grasslands, we relished the open space:

We stopped for lunch In the tiny Idaho town of Potlatch — a place called Dad’s Diner has to be good, right?

And it was! From their homemade soup…

…to Bob’s salisbury steak…

…to my bacon cheeseburger on their homemade bread:

Sadly, Dad’s Diner is on the market… if it’s sold, we’re hoping the friendliness of the staff, the delicious recipes, and the care that went into each order stays the same.

Our bellies full, it was back to the RV for more thrills and chills along this winding, hilly, stunning road:

We were thrilled to see blue skies over Wallowa Lake!

We’d swapped the smokey hills of Montana for the blue-sky hills of Oregon. Ah!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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2 Responses to From Hill to Hill

  1. So glad the change in locations worked out for you two RV’ing vagabonds! California (as I’m sure you know) has been devastated by terrible fires. Beautiful photos, and those foody ones are reminding my belly it’s getting close to chow time.


    • Ellen says:

      Hi, Mike! One of the advantages of living atop wheels is we can roll on to another place if we need to — thankfully, we’re usually ready to roll without an incentive like wildfire smoke. During fire season I spend a good bit of my online time tracking various fires, in addition to watching the weather. Hope you and yours are well!

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