A few of you have noticed we haven’t posted much in the last several months, though we did manage to get the word out about our favorite places to eat (food always comes first, right?). Thanks for checking in on us.

We’ve been out and about, moving from here to there and back. Visiting a few new spots but mostly looping back around to places we know and love.

I even went all Western when we found a cowgirl hat that fit me perfectly in Idaho. When we added a Shoshone-made beaded hatband from Nevada, I felt absolutely a part of the landscape.

We visited the Idaho State Fair…

…and (as always, sadly) drove through some towns that life seems to have passed by.

We revisited Great Basin National Park, and were reminded all over again how beautiful this remote spot is…

…and boned up on my identification of butterflies (this one is a Weidemeyer’s Admiral… aren’t you impressed? Of course, I could very well be wrong….!).

We worried the occasional storms…

…would trigger a wildfire in the Snake Mountains, and one day we did see smoke…

…watched a crew land nearby to find its source…

…and, after our hike, saw a different crew pump water from a water truck into the carrier below this helicopter. We’d seen copters scoop water from lakes and wide rivers, but never from a truck:

And on our luckiest days, we saw wild turkeys…

…and deer…

…on the same day! If only we’d had the triple play, adding a Pronghorn to the mix, but seeing one of those is always special:

But pretty soon the leaves started turning on the mountain tops…

…so we said so-long to our new friend the Elegant Tree we passed every day on our hike…

…and head into the sunset, toward our next adventure.

So… we’re still out here, traveling a bit, staying put awhile to explore, then picking up and moving on.

Why the Blog-Cation? Next time I’ll show you!

About Ellen

Fiction writer and photographer, I travel the country with my sweetheart of a husband as a "full-time RVer."
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2 Responses to Blog-Cation

  1. Hey Guys! Were you there during (or, before or after?) the 6.5 magnitude in Idaho a couple/three or so weeks ago? Hardly got mentioned on the media which seems dedicated 24/7 ad nauseum to the Coronavirus mess. It was felt a long ways away (Alberta, Canada, and U.S. locales). Just curious. Beautiful sunset pic! Have fun, stay safe, and,

    • Ellen says:

      Hey, Mike! How are you? Nope, didn’t feel the Idaho quake, but there was a 5.5 quake in Baja California, Mexico, which we felt in Arizona. You’re right… There’s so much the news ISN’T covering. We sort of see this virus the way we’ve come to see so many things while on the road: accept, adapt, and keep going 🙂 Except for now we’re not going, we’re staying put. Take care!

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