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Trails by Rails

They’re everywhere: railroads have been replaced by biking, hiking, skating trails. It’s a wonderful thing, and we’re grateful to all of the local trail clubs that keep these treasures groomed, all while forging new trails. They’re safer by far to … Continue reading

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What’s Round on Both Ends…

…and high in the middle? O-HI-O! Early this summer, we worked our way eastward, back to the Great Lakes where we grew up and spent most of our years before graduating to the full-time RV lifestyle. Family matters called us … Continue reading

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Time Flies in the Winter

Some full-timers travel through the winter months, trekking across the southern stretch of the states or venturing across the border into Mexico (though fewer are making that journey these days). For us, winter has been a chance to hunker down … Continue reading

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Nailing the Carpenter Canyon

As I write this in early April 2014, we’re in Southern California and many months have passed since we spent explored the Spring Mountains in southern Nevada. So in blog time, we’re back in October of 2013, outside of Pahrump, … Continue reading

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What’s Grand About LaGrande?

The most memorable RV adventures are usually the ones that are unplanned — and the best ones are memorable for all the right reasons. Last September, the backroads eastward from Condon, Oregon, undulated beneath our wheels, and local livestock, their … Continue reading

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Parks Parking

A local woman in Homer had told us to watch the fireweed: the plant blooms from the base up, and when the upper blossoms die and turn to seed, winter is a few weeks away. We found ourselves watching the … Continue reading

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Tweet Tweet Talkeetna

Alaska is a state of contradictions. Those of us from Outside find ourselves scratching our heads, wondering things like, “Why would someone want to live out *here*?!?” Especially when “here” is someplace only accessible by boat or plane or train. … Continue reading

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Driving to the End of the Road

Alaska’s highways are unlike those anywhere else in the Lower 48 in many ways. For one thing, you can drive on every single paved road in the state, if you’re so inclined… But that means flying or ferrying to some … Continue reading

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In the Palmer of Our Hands

Okay. It’s a hokey title, but you’ve haven’t had one for awhile, so there you go. 🙂 Things often take a different turn that we expect, and so it was with Palmer, Alaska. No RV park in Anchorage appealed to … Continue reading

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Rhymes with Smoke

Alaska’s 2013 summer was the best anyone could remember — warm temperatures and plenty sunshine — but when our tires rolled across the border on June 26, we were just days from discovering one of the things that keep anyone … Continue reading

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