Our Nook in Tillamook

After our disastrous though thankfully quick stay in Long Beach, Washington, last August, we found a spot down the road in Ilwaco. Our GPS showed it as a KOA, but KOA had apparently given up the place, and it was easy to see why. Despite the “resort” name, picnic tables were falling apart, the cable didn’t work, the sites were uneven — some muddy or water-logged. They had porta-potties instead of restrooms… all for $50 a night! When we asked the owner/manager about the pricing, he said they’d just bought the place and had bills to pay. And clearly work to do. We cancelled our week-long reservation here and left after one night.

We were ready for something good to happen.


And it did. Continue reading

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Not Everybody…

…is cut out to run an RV park. Full-timers who’ve travel widely have seen their share of RV park managers and even owners who really should find another line of work. Continue reading

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North Dakota Beach?!?

Last July when we were looking for places to explore via our Jeep, my injured foot propped on the dashboard, we struck out on the backroads to check out some tucked away sections of the Theordore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.


I stared in agony at this sign. The three mile, moderate, out-and-back hike to see the petrified forest would normally have been a no-brainer, but with my foot still swollen and bruised, there was no way I could manage it. So I took a photo of the sign and resolved to come back another time.

The good news? Like so many plans gone wrong, we ended up having a completely different, unexpected, fun adventure. How else would we have discovered the tiny town of Beach?

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Wildest Wildlife

I got so wrapped up in telling you about all the cool wildlife we saw on our visit to Theodore Roosevelt National Park last July (especially spotting that Golden Eagle) that I nearly forgot one of our wildest wildlife experiences of all while we were there!

First, let’s set the scene. We’d been out driving the dirt and gravel roads just beyond the park boundaries. A car sped by (making us wonder where in the world they were going in such a hurry), and far up ahead I saw the scrambling of four-legged animals.

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Wilder Wildlife

As it turned out, Theodore Roosevelt National Park (TRNP) was a great place to spend a non-hiking, non-walking, non-bicycling week. The loop road never got old — we drove it in one direction, then the other, seeing all over again the same animals we saw the first time — wild horses, like this young, curious colt…


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Out the Window

We’d planned to go to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in southwestern North Dakota all year — and no twice-the-normal-sized ankle was going to stop me from seeing it.


Turns out, this was a great place to see — even out the window of the Jeep (though I really, really, really want to go back when we can hike!).

Our first drive through (the loop road is 36 miles, if memory serves me correctly) not only delivered stunning views…


…but we were floored by the number of animals we saw along the way: Continue reading

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One-Legged Adventure

We’d been enjoying our July in Rapid City, hiking Bear Butte, strolling the city, running up the steps at the Dinosaur Park for extra exercise, taking in the Art Alley….

Then our adventure took a turn.

Coming out of the RV, I somehow lost my footing on the steps and went down hard on my right ankle. Continue reading

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