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Leaving Alaska

In mid-August the time felt right to head back. Wildfires threatened the edges of our return route, gray skies loomed overhead, and stretches of road work threw muddy streams of grime on our vehicles: Although a message sign warned us … Continue reading

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Parks Parking

A local woman in Homer had told us to watch the fireweed: the plant blooms from the base up, and when the upper blossoms die and turn to seed, winter is a few weeks away. We found ourselves watching the … Continue reading

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Traveling the Stewart-Cassiar Highway

We read so much about this highway’s condition we proceeded very cautiously as our tires met its surface. We’d go slow, take what came our way, fill up the tank every opportunity we had (because fuel stops are so far … Continue reading

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You Know You’re A Full-Time RVer When….

Hard to believe that we’ve been full-time RVing for more than three years now. As you can imagine, we’ve seen some amazing things, met some awesome people, and still have thousands of miles of exploring to do! To celebrate the … Continue reading

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You Never Know

…what you’ll see on the road. RVers will tell you that no trip is complete without seeing smoke on the horizon… usually without a source for it to be found. In this case, the smoke hovered somewhere over Arizona: And … Continue reading

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Who Put the Boon in Boondocking?

As I mentioned earlier, one of the reasons we wanted to downsize from the larger fifth wheel and pick-up truck was to be more mobile, and we’ve certainly been more flexible! This is the summer we headed from coast to … Continue reading

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Cyber Monday = 25% Off Road Tales!

If you’ve been thinking of ordering Road Tales: Short Stories About Full-Time RVing, now’s the time! To take advantage of this special “Cyber Monday” deal you only have until 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time today, November 29, so don’t wait! Just … Continue reading

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California, Here We Come!

Under sunny skies, we crossed into California, landing at the Win-River Casino for a night of boondocking. It happened to be a Monday night, and the one restaurant open in the casino (the only place to eat that was within … Continue reading

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An Appropriate First Day

Heading out into the big new world of full-time RVing, it seemed appropriate to land, our first full day, at the RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum and Library just outside Elkhart, Indiana (for those of you punching addresses into a … Continue reading

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