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Hindsight is 20/20

One of the advantages of writing these posts so long after the actual events is greater clarity. It’s hard to see the layout of a maze when you’re in the middle of it, but get outside of it, get some … Continue reading

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Bracing for Bryce Weather

If you’ve been reading along, you’ve seen the stunning blue skies we were gifted with for the hikes we took in Bryce Canyon National Park. But not every day was clear and warm! (Sharp eyes might have spotted my gloves … Continue reading

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Mossy Cave

Though this out-and-back hike in Bryce Canyon NP is aptly named for its final destination, there’s another feature along this trail that’s even more gorgeous — at least it was in late May. Back in 1890 settlers diverted water by … Continue reading

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When we find a restaurant we like, we tend to return again and again. Hikes are the same way. When we find a hike we really like, we stick with it. So it was with the Fairyland Canyon hike at … Continue reading

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The World’s Best Three-Mile Hike

Or so said “The Hoodoo,” Bryce Canyon National Park’s visitor’s guide when it described the Queen’s Garden Hike. Combined with the Navajo Loop to form a three-mile loop, this hike had an elevation change of about 580 feet. Just our … Continue reading

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Hoodoo You Think You Are?

… or maybe I should say, where do you think you are? Maybe you’re in a magical place — at least it seemed that way to us! We’d never been to Bryce Canyon National Park before, and the contrast with … Continue reading

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