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Yuma Winter

We didn’t get to Yuma during the 2015-2016 winter season except for a brief stop-over on an otherwise snowy trip north to pick up our Jeep (has it been over a year already?!?!), so we were more than ready to … Continue reading

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SARA’s Crack

The previous post mentioned one reason to return to Lake Havasu City, and promised this time we’d reveal an even better one. We don’t welch on our promises, so here you go: SARA’s Crack. Officially it’s on BLM Land and … Continue reading

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The Desert Isn’t Just Sand Anymore

And I’m not talking about the bushes and plants… During our stay at the Rover’s Roost SKP park outside Casa Grande, Arizona, we spent some time walking stretches of the desert that bordered the park. We’d heard jaw-dropping stories about … Continue reading

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What’s for Desert?

Oh… okay… I know there’s *dessert* (as in “ice cream”) and then there’s *desert* as in Anza-Borrego. This is about the latter…. We’ve driven through this desert a few times, and one day had enough time to pull off the … Continue reading

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Rainbows and…

Rusty after nearly five months without travelling, we dusted off our take-down checklist and packed up to leave Yuma in late April. We wanted to visit a Rainbow SKP park, so we headed to North Ranch, outside of Wickenburg, AZ. … Continue reading

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Shake, Shake, Shake!

On December 30, just before noon, Ellen was working on the computer and Bob was in the shower when she felt a good shake. When you live in an RV, you feel a lot of shakin’ goin’ on –somebody getting … Continue reading

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Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

“Gorgeous and sunny! 70 degrees this afternoon!” Day after day, this is how I recorded the weather in Yuma from December through March. Every once in awhile it would cool off, dipping into the 50s on a rare day. Then, … Continue reading

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Taking a Walk on the Wild Side

Okay, maybe not *that* wild, but out in the tamed wilderness you’ll find the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge, north of Yuma. As with everything, the journey there was at least as much fun as the destination. And that journey was … Continue reading

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A Desert By Any Other Name

When I think of desert, I think of endless flat stretches of sand and the occasional brown bush that will inevitably be pulled by a gust of wind from its spot and sent tumbling to who knows where. Bob routed … Continue reading

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