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With Reservations….

If you’ve been following along the with the Adventures of Bob and Ellen for very long, you know we don’t make reservations — we didn’t even make them on our trip to Alaska. So what in the world would make … Continue reading

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Having a Grand (Canyon) Old Time

Where to go with the new rig?!? Well… one of the things that we couldn’t do with the big 38′ fifth wheel was stay in some of the parks, including the Grand Canyon. So we headed North, and though we … Continue reading

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Great Expectations

When you travel to new places a lot, you know to abandon your expectations — things usually don’t go as you planned and the places you visit often aren’t what you thought they would be: the great outdoors is more … Continue reading

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More Than Grand – Part 2

After a day’s rest — a long walk exploring downtown Flagstaff — we headed back into the park and down the South Kaibab Trail. Does Ellen look geared up or what?!? If we thought the view looking up the Canyon … Continue reading

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More Than Grand

Back in July of 2001 we rafted the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. It was an amazing, exhilerating experience we’ll never forget (the photo on the upper left of the title banner was taken along one of the river’s … Continue reading

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