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Tripping Atop the Sawtelle

Like all roads to the top of mountains (where there are roads!) there isn’t much room to maneauver, and every time we’re able to make a trip like that without passing another vehicle, we wipe our brows and sigh in … Continue reading

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July Fourth — The RV Way!

For friends who thought we’d have to give up traditional joys — like the Fourth of July parade — when we went on the road full-time, here’s evidence that whenever people are together, they’ll figure out a way to celebrate. … Continue reading

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True Wilderness

Here’s the thing about travelling full-time: you have time to go to Plan B or Plan C or even Plan Z if your first ideas don’t work out. Up the road a piece from our place near Henrys Lake, just … Continue reading

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Might Have Felt Like Our Lake…

But it’s Henry’s Lake — whoever Henry was… Okay, for you history buffs, “Henry” of Henry’s Lake (you’ll see it spelled with and without the apostrophe… and as a former English teacher, I’m compelled to use the proper form!) was … Continue reading

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