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Huckleberry Found

We’d heard for years about the Trout Creek, Montana, Huckleberry Festival (Trout Creek being the official Huckleberry Capitol of Montana), but 2017 was the first year we were in town for it. It was a big deal. The three-day festival … Continue reading

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Road Trip!

It’s funny to think of taking a road trip when you already live and travel full-time in an RV, but sometimes that’s exactly what we do. In the previous post, I described a day trip we took to Sandpoint, Idaho, … Continue reading

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Purple Mountains Majesty

As much as we were enjoying the ocean breezes along the Pacific Coast, it was time, by late July, for a change of scenery. We RVers like to call it getting the “hitch itch.” And the only way to scratch … Continue reading

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Should We Stay or Should We Go?

We were making the most of a smokey August in Trout Creek, Montana, last summer. Eventually we started making jokes about our situation…. like, “Is that smoked beef out in the meadow?”

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Back in August, we debated about whether to stay in Trout Creek, Montana, the full three weeks we’d reserved or cut out early. Why? Wildfires. Not just one. Many. Surrounding us on all sides. Everybody in the northwest was near … Continue reading

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Nothing Fishy About It

Back in July (wow! Has it been that long ago?!?) I mentioned how rare it is for us to make reservations. There are a lot of reasons for this, and we were about to be reminded of one of them. … Continue reading

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Where Is Everybody?!?!

Whenever we drive these lonely backroads (which is as often as possible!), we’re puzzled: Where is everybody?!? Oh, look! There’s somebody!!

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The Wisdom of It

Late June found us scooting through the Salmon National Forest from Idaho into Montana, climbing mountains amid lush trees, away — it seemed — from everyone else: Critters didn’t even seem to be around, leaving empty watering holes… …and quiet … Continue reading

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Fourth Annual BESTS!

We’re happy to announce our FOURTH annual list of places we most enjoyed during our travels. You’ll see some favorites re-appear and new restaurants pop up. Sometimes you’ll see an entirely new category. Bob is such an excellent cook (how … Continue reading

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Back to Alaska?!?!?

With our newest Jeep in tow, off we went. But where? You’d think with these stunning, snow-capped mountains we were back in Alaska:

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