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Something a Little Different

Can you believe we’re entering our 11th year of full-time RVing?!? We can’t, either. In a way, seems like we’re just getting the hang of it. On the other hand, it feels as though we’ve never done anything except travel … Continue reading

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Travelin’ Man and Woman

When temperatures in Southern California soared past 100 degrees, we figured it was time to venture northward. The day we passed through Baker, California, the huge thermometer showed 108 degrees — and this was the coolest day in a ten-day … Continue reading

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My dictionary says an oddment is something left over. So here are some things that just didn’t fit into other posts… leftovers, you could say. Oddments. Odd oddments, at that. Things you don’t see every day. Like… …three antique cars, … Continue reading

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Where Wild Horses Run

Exploring the Spring Mountains in southern Nevada last November, Bob spotted something. We stopped the Jeep on the gravel trail, and I pointed my camera. Snap. Snap. But the view wasn’t quite right. We drove a little further, parked the … Continue reading

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Heading South

If you’ve been following the long and strange 2015 journey of Bob and Ellen, you know we wound our way around the Western states, backtracking sometimes, avoiding hot temperatures and wildfire smoke when we could (dealing with it with a … Continue reading

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[NOTE: This blog is lagging a bit — as usual — from our current travels. In early June we were in Great Basin National Park, inside Nevada near the Utah border.] Sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate for hiking, and … Continue reading

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Kious Critters

We’re strong believers in the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That goes for restaurants (we’re loyal until we have a bad meal, and even then we might give the place another chance, depending…) and hikes, because if … Continue reading

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Baker in Baker

Baker, Nevada, the tiny town at the entrance of Great Basin National Park, fascinates me every time we’re there. With just a few buildings — a tavern, a restaurant, a cafe that’s open odd hours just a few days a … Continue reading

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Natural Causes

We’ve been to Great Basin National Park several times and each time are struck by how much things are the same, and how much they have changed. Take the Lexington Arch hike, for example. We originally took this hike back … Continue reading

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