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Not Chopped

In an earlier post, we “chopped” a popular high-end restaurant in Pahrump, Nevada, from our list of places we’ll return to. This time we’ll give you two new places we’ll go back to when we’re in town again. We’ve all … Continue reading

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No Music Here

Has watching Chopped or other Food Network programs made all of us more critical of the meals we get in restaurants? To some extent, Bob and I have always been picky restaurant eaters. As I’ve mentioned before, Bob is such … Continue reading

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Say Hello to My Little Friend

We make a few visits to Pahrump, Nevada, each year. We were told years ago that — unless you like to gamble — there’s nothing in Pahrump. It’s a town of casinos, a Walmart, a handful of restaurants, and not … Continue reading

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The Small Things

When you live in an RV, you come to appreciate (if you didn’t already) the tiny things in life. The value of small. The benefit of reducing everything in your life to the essentials. Every now and then, we come … Continue reading

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Fourth Annual BESTS!

We’re happy to announce our FOURTH annual list of places we most enjoyed during our travels. You’ll see some favorites re-appear and new restaurants pop up. Sometimes you’ll see an entirely new category. Bob is such an excellent cook (how … Continue reading

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Spring Has Sprung… Snow?!?!?

When we left Pahrump in the first week of May, we timed our packing tasks for the coolest parts of the day. Daytime temps were already reaching into the 80s, though gusty breezes helped keep the air cool and a … Continue reading

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Time Flies in the Winter

Some full-timers travel through the winter months, trekking across the southern stretch of the states or venturing across the border into Mexico (though fewer are making that journey these days). For us, winter has been a chance to hunker down … Continue reading

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SARA’s Crack

The previous post mentioned one reason to return to Lake Havasu City, and promised this time we’d reveal an even better one. We don’t welch on our promises, so here you go: SARA’s Crack. Officially it’s on BLM Land and … Continue reading

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Have a Su? No, But I Can Point You to a Lake….

Lake Havasu City, Arizona, that is. Okay… so it was a stretch for a catchy title, and a little too long, but hey… can’t beat the price of admission, can you? By November 2013, with snow topping the Spring Mountains, … Continue reading

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Nailing the Carpenter Canyon

As I write this in early April 2014, we’re in Southern California and many months have passed since we spent explored the Spring Mountains in southern Nevada. So in blog time, we’re back in October of 2013, outside of Pahrump, … Continue reading

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