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Under the Weather

As with most full-time RVers, we like to follow nice weather and manage to do that most of the time. Of course, there are those sudden high-altitude blizzards and sand storms etc etc (if you’re a regular reader, you remember … Continue reading

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Up and Down and All Around

When you spend a month in a place, you cover fewer miles but you see those miles much more closely. We got to know the area around Henrys Lake twenty times better than if we’d spent half the time there. … Continue reading

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July Fourth — The RV Way!

For friends who thought we’d have to give up traditional joys — like the Fourth of July parade — when we went on the road full-time, here’s evidence that whenever people are together, they’ll figure out a way to celebrate. … Continue reading

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True Wilderness

Here’s the thing about travelling full-time: you have time to go to Plan B or Plan C or even Plan Z if your first ideas don’t work out. Up the road a piece from our place near Henrys Lake, just … Continue reading

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Might Have Felt Like Our Lake…

But it’s Henry’s Lake — whoever Henry was… Okay, for you history buffs, “Henry” of Henry’s Lake (you’ll see it spelled with and without the apostrophe… and as a former English teacher, I’m compelled to use the proper form!) was … Continue reading

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