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Coastal Cuisine

You didn’t think I could write about our month-long stay on the Oregon coast last August without mentioning where we ate, did you? Of course not! So those of you who are especially susceptible to getting the hungries when reading … Continue reading

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Adore Medora

{IKES! I missed a post from 2016! I’m going to blame it on wonky wifi connections…. believing it had successfully uploaded when it didn’t…. I’d retro-date this posting if I could, but rather than skip it entirely… here it is, … Continue reading

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Announcing Bob & Ellen’s Best EATS Awards for 2016!

It’s that eating time of the year again! Time to name the best places we’ve eaten — except for home, which is always better than any restaurant because Bob’s an awesome cook! The list is getting pretty long, and we … Continue reading

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Las Cruces and West

[To recap… in early January of 2016 we left our RV and the warmth of southern California to drive our Jeep north to South Dakota to trade it for a newer one. For details of the trip up and most … Continue reading

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Below Zero…?!? Part 6

[The possible conclusion to our non-RV adventure into the Great White North in January…] This is Trinidad, Colorado, a little town of just under 10,000, where we stopped on a Wednesday for lunch: Double D’s Grill served up a decent … Continue reading

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Below…Zero?!? Part 5

[Our non-RV road trip in the dead of winter continues… To catch you up, we’d left southern California in January to drive our Jeep to South Dakota to trade it for a new one we’d ordered. At this point in … Continue reading

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Below… Zero?!? Part 2

[Our winter adventure from January 2016 continues….] Our second night, in Pueblo, Colorado, we found a room (pet-free! These are increasingly rare, which is too bad, given our allergies….) and walked to the nearby Cactus Flower restaurant, where Bob ordered … Continue reading

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