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Yuma Winter

We didn’t get to Yuma during the 2015-2016 winter season except for a brief stop-over on an otherwise snowy trip north to pick up our Jeep (has it been over a year already?!?!), so we were more than ready to … Continue reading

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Walt and Betty are Back!

UPDATE! Yuma Baby is now available for your preferred e-reader — just $2.99! To make it easy (I know you can’t wait to download it :)) here are the direct links to the major e-book sites: Kindle Kobo Nook iTunes … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Air Shows

Believe it or not, there’s a lot to love about Yuma. One of our favorite things is the nearly constant air show we’re attending — without having to fight crowds or pay an admission fee.

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Mittry Lake

During a visit to Yuma back in January, we spotted smoke northeast of town but didn’t think much of it. With thousands of acres of agriculture, we’d seen lemon trees hacked down, piled up until their branches and leaves went … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz!

Ready? Name the longest sustained march in US military history. Need a hint? It occurred (mostly) inside our borders in the 1800s. Thinking the Civil War?

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U-Must Like Yuma

We’ve visited Yuma at least once every four years since we started full-timing. (You can read the original posts by going to the May 2010 archives.) Our first year, we spent more than five winter months here. We marvelled at … Continue reading

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Seasonally Confused

Full-time RVers and Snowbirds know all about this condition. When you spend winters in places like sunny southern California or the desert of Arizona or other places that allow you to swim outdoors, ride your bike, hike in shorts in … Continue reading

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Moving On

Sometime in March we started to see RVs vanish from Yuma. Before long the same constant traffic that we’d seen a few months before coming into the area was repeating itself but in reverse. Gaps started showing in the RV … Continue reading

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So close to the Mexican border, you’d expect Yuma to have great Mexican food — and you wouldn’t be disappointed. At least we weren’t! We’d had some pretty good Mexican food other parts of the country — including (you’ll be … Continue reading

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Birds Birds Birds!

Snowbirds aren’t the only birds that migrate to Yuma for the winter. Here are some of the feathered types we saw: The Common Ground Dove, which might be common around here, but it was a new bird for us: An … Continue reading

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