About Bob and Ellen

Bob and Ellen on the Notch Trail in the Badlands

Bob and Ellen on the Notch Trail in the Badlands


We’ve been on the road as full-time RVers since the spring of 2009, and we’ve been blogging about our experiences since then. We’ve covered a lot of ground, returned to some favorite places and found new favorites in that time, but one thing has remained constant: the challenges and joys of living this unique lifestyle.

Other RVers are amused to hear we never RVed before selling our house and everything in it except the dishes, clothes, tools and the few books we could stow in our new home on wheels. We have learned a lot over the years — and are still learning!

Posts are made irregularly — we left the regimented, deadline-oriented world when we hit the road, so don’t expect a publishing schedule here.

Posts are also — usually — at least a month after the events occurred, so if you’re looking for a daily or weekly accounting of what we’re doing right this minute, you won’t find it here. Why is that? Well… lots of reasons. Ellen writes most (all?!?) of the posts and her fiction writing background means she likes experiencing something, reflecting on it, and writing something she hopes goes beyond the boring sort of stuff writes in her daily journal. You get the best of our experiences because of this, even if you aren’t reading along in “real time.”

Early on we introduced “Bob and Ellen’s Best Eats,” updating it every year. Bob’s an awesome cook but it’s hard to resist trying different restaurants along the way, and sometimes cooking in the RV just isn’t feasible. We’ve set the bar pretty high, so when a dish makes our “Best” list, it’s met some rigorous standards. We like quality ingredients (organic and locally grown, when possible), a non-smoking atmosphere, good service, and a pleasing ambiance, even if it’s rustic. If your place of business has been noted as a “Bob and Ellen Best” and you’d like to include this cool emblem on your Web site, blog, or Facebook page, just e-mail Ellen at ellenbehr(at)aol(dot)com and we’ll send you a jpg or png to use.


The beauty of a blog is that we can have a conversation. We welcome your comments, especially if you have suggestions or experiences to share — RVer or not :)

Thanks for stopping by! Click the option to follow the blog so you’ll get an e-mail when new posts appear. The road awaits all of us!

6 Responses to About Bob and Ellen

  1. Dennis & Barbara Reitzenstein says:

    Just discovered your blog info to Alaska- retiring in 2014 , starting research for Rv trip to AK.

    • Ellen says:

      Excellent! Hopefully it will help in some way — feel free to drop an e-mail directly if you think we might be able to help with something as you plan. It’s a great trip! It’s a long, long drive, but much to see and experience along the way.

    • Dennis Reitzenstein says:

      Question about boondocking stops in AK!

      You visited Oregon our home & enjoyed the Coast, one of our favorite places! Good minus tide for Razor Clams arriving in May!

      Thanks Dennis & Barb

      • Ellen says:

        We love the coast too! Oregon was one of the most forward thinking states I know of — they planned early on to make the coast line public, winding the highway close to the edge and planting all of those state parks along the way. Hooray for Oregon!

        Feel free to fire off your boondocking questions… you might have the same ones someone else has.

  2. Recently finished reading Peabody and enjoyed your book. I would absolutely buy your next novel – to share Betty & Walt Rollin’s travels. We have been delayed getting on the road due to health issues but looking forward to spring. I will be purchasing Road Tales for sure.

    • Ellen says:

      Thanks so much, Eleanor! “Road Tales” is very different than “Pea Body.” If you do purchase it, let me know; I’m working on a second edition that will include a new short story, which I’ll want to send you when I finish it. Of course, that could be a year from now…. And Walt and Betty are off on another adventure, so there will be another installment of their series coming along. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve experienced health issues preventing you from hitting the road — I hope you’re able to hitch up and head out soon :)

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