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Whitehorse Heroes

We’d nearly done it. We’d nearly made the entire trip without any of the calamities trips to Alaska are famous for: flat tires, busted windshields. The morning we woke up in Burwash Landing, Yukon, we discovered what looked like a … Continue reading

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Leaving Alaska

In mid-August the time felt right to head back. Wildfires threatened the edges of our return route, gray skies loomed overhead, and stretches of road work threw muddy streams of grime on our vehicles: Although a message sign warned us … Continue reading

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No Denying Denali

Visiting Denali National Park was a big reason we wanted to visit Alaska when the idea hatched years ago. Now we were on its doorstep and eager to explore. With one road into the park, and that road restricted to … Continue reading

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Parks Parking

A local woman in Homer had told us to watch the fireweed: the plant blooms from the base up, and when the upper blossoms die and turn to seed, winter is a few weeks away. We found ourselves watching the … Continue reading

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Tweet Tweet Talkeetna

Alaska is a state of contradictions. Those of us from Outside find ourselves scratching our heads, wondering things like, “Why would someone want to live out *here*?!?” Especially when “here” is someplace only accessible by boat or plane or train. … Continue reading

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Wasilla Was…

…a Midwestern town dropped into Alaska. Some say Anchorage is just another city, but we didn’t think sw. Ship Creek and the Tony Knowles trail especially nudged Anchorage into a category of “unique.” But Wasilla? We hunted, but couldn’t find … Continue reading

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Homeruns in Homer

Okay, we didn’t see any baseball here… But we did discover that some of the things we’d looked forward to in Homer were “homeruns” and others… well… disappointments. Though we’re not normally attracted to the places commonly called “attractions” — … Continue reading

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Spit-ting Images

The Homer Spit is a popular spot for a lot of reasons — shopping, launching spot for charter fishing, ferry terminal, boat harbors, restaurants — and we found it full of all those things…   We wandered through many of … Continue reading

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